Something a bit off and ridiculous.
I am Sabrina, female, I like boys and girls and always in-between. Not single. I love plus size models. Harry Potter, Anime, Cosplay, Sherlock Furries, Comics, Avengers, Team Fortress 2, Animals, Tom Hiddleston, GATISS!, Cumberbutts, Robert Downey Jr, Jason Isaacs, Michael Fassbender... British men. I cant keep a job. I listen to ... EVERYTHING. This blog is sometimes NSFW so if you see something naughty dont cry about it I warned you.

I'm a roleplayer, and if you want to, just ask!
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No Tom no.

Everyone’s Hurt. You broke your fandoms heart.

The only thing that can fix this is if you POST YOUR NUDES DO IT DO IT GO GO GO GO DO IT SHOW US DAT ASS

Posted on Friday, September 14th at 11:52AM with 5 notes

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